Synapses is a global leader in indoor positioning services created in 2012 by Domenico Mariotti, a Nokia network Engineer, Francesco Distefano, a former engineer at Deutsche Bank, and Andrea Di Mauro HW Engineer. We have more than 18 years’ proven industry experience in indoor location and an unrivalled portfolio of customers. Our indoor positioning solutions are deployed in 7 countries with over 1 million square feet covered, generate more than 10 TB of data per week.

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Work Process

  • Listen and Research

    We understand the customer requirement and find the best option to make a wonderful project.

  • Project and explain

    The success of a project go through the customer satisfaction. Our team create wonderful solution and make it understandable and easy to use.

  • Result

    Synapses experts due to the large competence spectrum is able to cover all indoor position need to always reach the target in a short time.


Answer & Question

At Synapses we envision a world where location based services are available seamlessly, indoors and outside. We believe that indoor location services are the key to enhancing user experience in any venue while creating new opportunities for engaging with users and improving operations. Indoor location based services unlock value by delivering invaluable indoor analytics for better informed, truly insightful business decisions. Today, Indoor location based services are a must for every type of business and venue.

Synapses has already delivered solutions to more than 50 different venues worldwide. And our global footprint is expanding every day. Why? Because we offer the most robust, reliable, end-to-end indoor positioning solution on the market for guaranteed seamless location based services between outdoor and indoor environments, no matter how complex.

Syanapses made a easy to use and configure platform, that provide advanced API to add a business logic to any kind of position information. Go to BlueGPS and take a look or send an email to